General Information

Jackalberry Montessori General Information

School Times
The school opens at 07h00 and closes at 17h30. There are three school day options available to parents to choose from:

For a detailed breakdown of the typical school day for the toddler and preschool environments, including a typical daily schedule, please consult the Jackalberry Montessori Parents Prospectus.

School fees 2018

Fees for the 2018 school year for both the toddler and preschool environments are as follows (includes holiday club, breakfast and lunch, snacks and stationery):

School Day

Half Day (07h00 – 13h00)

Three Quarter Day (07h00 – 15h00)

Full Day (07h00 – 17h30)

Monthly Fee (11)

R2620 p/m

R2920 p/m

R3240 p/m

Monthly Fee (12)

Termly Fee (3)

R2400 p/m

R2680 p/m

R2970 p/m

R8890 p/t

R9900 p/t

R10990 p/t

Annual Fee (1)

R25940 p/a

R28910 p/a

R32080 p/a

?The cost of the baby care is 15% less than the prices quoted above. Please contact us for detailed prices.

Monthly fees are payable January to November. No fees are due for December. A 7.5% discount is provided for fees paid termly in advance while A 10% discount is provided for fees paid annually in advance. Please note that Half Day for the toddler environment ends at 12h00. For a detailed breakdown of the school fees for the toddler and preschool environments, please consult the Jackalberry Montessori Parents Prospectus.

School Terms
Jackalberry Montessori runs on the private school term system i.e. three terms. Jackalberry Montessori is closed during the short mid-term breaks but open for the long mid-term breaks. While holiday club is included in the school fees (for those parents that wish to make use of the facility), the holiday care program charged at R115 per day per child for those students enrolled in Jackalberry Montessori and R135 per child per day for those students not permanently enrolled in Jackalberry Montessori). The 2018 term structure is as follows:


Mid-term break start
Mid-term break end

Holiday club start
Holiday club end

Term 1

Tuesday 16th January
Wednesday 11th April

Thursday 1st March
Tuesday 6th March

Monday 16th April
Friday 20th April

Term 2

Wednesday 2nd May
Friday 3rd August

Friday 22nd June
Monday 2nd July

Monday 6th August
Friday 10th August

Term 3

Tuesday 4th September
Thursday 6th December

Thursday 18th October
Tuesday 23rd October

Monday 10th December
Friday 14th December

Extra Murals
A host of extra mural activities are available based on demand. The extra mural usually take place between 11h00 and 12h00, with some extra curricula activities scheduled in the afternoons after 13h00. In some instances, it is possible that an extra curricula activity may only be scheduled in the afternoon for PreSchool children. The children really enjoy the activities, however they are not compulsory. For further details on the extra murals available, please do not hesitate to contact us.